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I am a Vegan!

Over the years, YiFang have strived to offer more choice for vegetarian diet. We spoke to Kevin from southwest London, an avid bubble tea enthusiast, to learn what being vegan means, the reason for going vegan and how his lifestyle has changed.

YiFang team: “Hi Kevin, thanks for talking to us today. We’re thrilled you love our new vegan Mudflip! ! We’d like to ask you about why you chose to cut animal products from your diet and lifestyle?

Kevin: “yes I’m literally in LOVE with your Oat Mudflip; I order it every time, hahaha! I chose to go vegan 5 years ago because I’d seen some news about environmental issues and I wanted to help. Initially me and my flatmates agreed to go vegan with a few meals per week but eventually it just became every meal and we never really looked back.”

YiFang team: “So tell us what being vegan actually entails?”

Kevin:“Well, it’s simple really. We only eat plant-based diets. That means no red meat, poultry, dairy milk, cheese eggs, and things like that. We don’t say everyone needs to be exactly like us but just swapping a few meals a week makes such a big difference to you and the planet, plus a varied diet is more interesting too.”

YiFang team: “Absolutely! Just finally, how did going vegan affect your lifestyle? Apart from discovering our delicious vegan drinks!”

Kevin: “I’m much leaner now, and I just feel more energetic! I buy less junk and frozen food; it’s definitely a healthier lifestyle compared to how we used to be, and we’ve never felt like we’re missing out. I can still order my Mudflip just how I like it so what more do you need!?”


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