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New Product | Classic Yakult Iced Tea coming soon!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

YiFang Yakult drink is coming!

Yakult Iced Tea will meet you guys in April

We will announce more details soon :)

We are forgetful but some memories will withstand the wear and tear of time

Yakult Iced Tea The sour and sweet taste brings you back to the childhood.

在數不清的回憶中 依稀記得的 是炎熱的夏日午後 清涼入喉 酸甜上心頭

一芳這次不當快遞 要帶大家坐上時光機 一起回到美好的童年時光

養樂多mixed一芳好茶 酸甜沁涼 讓你重回兒時懷抱

-Available in London branches only.-


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