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Organic Matcha

Green tea is widely known as a healthy drink for the body. But what if you could get a bigger nutritional punch out of each cup?

Let’s talk about MATCHA.

YIFANG’s matcha series includes two delicious drinks: Matcha Mudflip and Matcha Latte. We use organic matcha imported straight from Japan to our stores for a high-quality, authentic flavour and that unforgettable shade of green.

Those with a sweet tooth should get to know our Matcha Mudflip first. Our trademark brown sugar tapioca pearls meet the alluring aromatics of matcha… you might say they’re a matcha made in heaven! Or you can opt for Matcha Latte and be treated to a silky-smooth beverage that’s the perfect alternative to the caffeinated variety.

The question is, which one are you trying first?


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