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Reminiscent of the classic dessert, savour YiFang’s most sumptuously decadent drink yet: Peaches and Cream! Oh yes! Lashings of thick salted cream topping poured over sweet iced peach tea pair perfectly with our famous multi-layered Ching tea, offering a luxurious flavour experience that you'll be hooked on in a heartbeat.

Sounds yummy, right?

It’s selling out SUPER fast, so be sure you're at your nearest YiFang early to avoid missing out. We want YOU to be among the first to try our new Peaches and Cream now. Hit the link below to find your closest branch. For those who do arrive a little too late, fear now; we’re adding our Topping Cream option to more drinks ASAP, so keep a lookout for those popping up on the menu soon. You might just be in with the opportunity to add it to your favourite YiFang tea and love it even more than you already do… if that’s even possible!? ;) We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Until next time, YiFans!


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