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The YiFang UK Tea & Tennis Club

Hey YiFans, it’s that time again; new flavours are upon us. We’ve held these beauties under lock and key for too long but now we can finally reveal our new YiFang Strawberry Range! Strawberry Fruit Tea, Strawberry Shake and Strawberries & Cream – the tasty new trio you’ll be falling at first sip for!

The Strawberry Fruit Tea combines everyone’s favourite YiFang Fruit Tea with juicy British strawberries for a delicious, sweet and refreshing beverage you’ll keep on coming back for. Same as most our Fruit Tea Range, It is vegan.

Next up, the sumptuous, scrumptious Strawberry Shake. Thick and creamy British dairy milk blended with strawberries and ice creates a luxuriously smooth shake that’s sure to be a hit.

Finally, the Strawberries & Cream drink takes the Strawberry Fruit Tea right up to the next level. How? The same delicious drink with added tasty topping cream - made using locally sourced whipping cream - will tantalise your tastebuds like never before!

Yes, new flavours are here but we’re not just sticking a few new drinks on the menu and leaving it at that – oh no! Here at YiFang, a kind, fun and positive lifestyle is everything to us. So, what better way to introduce some seriously sumptuous strawberry drinks to our menu than with something fun to enjoy them all with? The YiFang UK Tea & Tennis Club represents a unity of leisurely lifestyle recreation with YiFang teas to sip on along the way. Staying healthy is important for us all and with strawberries being the perfect accompaniment for a game of tennis.

Until next time, YiFans!


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