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This year at YiFang, we’re embracing our inner carnival dancer and celebrating summer with festivities like you’ve never seen before! London’s iconic Notting Hill Carnival might be off until 2022, so we’re releasing the delicious new Mango Carnival Festival flavours to raise your spirits through the roof instead!

Turn up the volume with fresh mangoes, apples, oranges, passion fruit and your favourite Ching Tea in our Mango Fruit Tea,

or feel the beat with a tasty Mango Pomelo Sago – ripe mangoes, exotic sago, pomelo, creamy coconut milk and ice. We are fusing Western and Eastern soul, bringing everyone together for a summer to remember. Go on, grab your sequins and feathers, and let’s get this party started!

What’s more, we want to see you take to TikTok to shake what you’ve got! Use #YiFangMangoFest and caption your dance rhythm with one of our new flavours to your favourite carnival beats.

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