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FSI language-learning courses

According to websites to help with homework The Foreign Service Institute has developed language-learning courses that many people consider as the best and the most complete courses.

Working with the Departments of Defense, Education, other government agencies, and various universities, the FSI has created the largest body of complete courses for languages of the world available anywhere. These courses are in the public domain.

I have good news for you!

These language courses are freely available in an electronic format thanks to the generosity of some individuals.

What happened to free fsi language courses?

i have been trying to visit fsi language and fsi language but the sites are no longer working. Does anyone know what happned to them? i was at fsi language at studydaddy just the other day but now its not workingI did the same thing that you did, but today the .org site started working for me today. So good luck with you.

Has anyone ever used FSI language courses?

fsi language I am going to learn Mandarin Chinese and would like to know how effective the program is.

Has anyone ever used the FSI language courses? fsi language I am going to learn Mandarin Chinese and would like to know how effective the program is. Thanks.

Do you think polyglots are under appreciated by society?

I think so.

Are there any modern jewish jewish polyglots in the world?

Can you say me at least 3 famous polyglots (multi language speakers)?

Romance languages polyglots..are señor (S), signor (I) and senhor (P) all pronounced the same? se or...Spanishsignor...Italiansenhor..Portuguese.

For polyglots: Favorite Language?

What is your favorite language? Perhaps this is easier to answer for particular aspects of language like written or spoken. Personally I and experts think Portuguese is the most beautiful language to speak and sing in. As for written language I actually have to say English due to its rich vocabulary and ability to perfectly describe anything. In English there is a word for almost every shade of meaning of every possible concept.Spanish is great for thinking and quite fun to speak, though not quite as beautiful fun as Portuguese.Though I know more about Romance languages I'm open to answers including any language. I've studied Chinese, Greek, and a little Hungarian but I have to say I've fallen in love with the Romance languages.

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